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Nigeria's Fashion Week in Lagos (PHOTOS)
Sunday, March 25th, 2012

For the second time, Africa took to the runway with style at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos, Nigeria. Designers from all over the world garbed stunning African models in their one of a kind threads.

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It could have been Paris, Milan, or New York, but it wasn’t. Lagos, in so many ways, has got the goods, and the rest of the world, it seems, is starting to figure that out.


Img 5145

Guests attending Nigeria's fashion week enter one of the three tents set up for the shows in Lagos. More than 70 fashion designers from across Africa flocked to Lagos for the second annual Arise Magazine Fashion week. Nigeria is the second fastest growing economy in Africa, and its economic and cultural clout is changing the region and connecting Africa to the world.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 5153

Hundreds of Nigerians and visitors attended the second annual event. Power outages and a strike by local models cancelled the first day, but in the end all shows went ahead as scheduled.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 5207

Blackberries and iPhones were as common as the latest designer's clothing among the guests who kept up a constant stream of messages and updates via social media.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 5220

Visitors tap on their smart phones as they wait for a show to start.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 5628

Guests mingle in between shows at the Federal Palace Hotel. Although delays plagued the event, guests seemed not to care.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 5653

A woman tries to enter back stage during a show. Security was high at the event, attended by some of Nigeria's wealthiest fashion patrons.

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Img 5695

A New York City based model waits for makeup before the last show.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 5722

16 year-old Chika Emmanuella has become a sought-after Nigerian model since international scouts arrived in the country and discovered her.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 5863

A model waits backstage before showing off a collection.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6006

A model waits backstage to present a collection by New York based Nicolas Petrou. Many of the collections referenced Africa fabrics and styles that are gaining attention from the international fashion world.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6045

Models wait backstage to present a collection.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6241

Nigerian and International press wait for the final show to begin.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6269

Attendees watch models strut the catwalk.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6297

Oluchi Onweagba, Nigeria's most famous supermodel.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6358

Guests watch a model on the runway.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6562

Nigerian models hang out backstage.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6653

Guests take photographs at the award ceremony.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6667

A Nigerian model runs to receive her prize for style icon.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6766

Nigerian models pose after the end of the week.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
Img 6778

A model charges her phone before going home at the end of Fashion Week.

(Trevor Snapp - GlobalPost)
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