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Typhoon Bopha kills at least 270 in the Philippines (PHOTOS)
Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

At least 270 are dead following Typhoon Bopha's landfall in the Phillipines Tuesday. According to the Telegraph, the storm has also destroyed homes and brought down power lines. 

Mindanao island was especially affected, with flash floods and landslides slamming a mining base and sweeping water and soil through an army post, according to Reuters.  A television reporter said she saw numerous dead bodies lined up near the base.

The Associated Press also reported that a Philippines governor said at least 43 villagers and soldiers had drowned when the typhoon dumped a torrent of water that rushed down a mountainside.

Typhoon Bopha 1

Residents cross floodwaters over a destroyed road in the village of Andap, New Bataan town, in the Philippines on December 5, 2012, one day after Typhoon Bopha hit the province. The death toll from a typhoon that ravaged the Philippines jumped to 270 on December 5 with hundreds missing, as rescuers battled to reach areas cut off by floods and mudslides.

(Ted Aljibe - AFP/Getty Images)
Typhoon Bopha 2

Residents of the Compostela Valley province of the Philippines use a makeshift stretcher to carry the dead body of a boy as they cross a destroyed highway in the one day after Typhoon Bopha hit the region.

(Ted Aljibe - AFP/Getty Images)
Typhoon Bopha 4

Workers clear a road with a fallen tree after Typhoon Bopha hit the southern island of Mindanao on December 4, 2012. More than 40,000 people crammed into shelters to escape the onslaught of the strongest cyclone to hit the country this year.

(Ted Ajibe - AFP/Getty Images)
Typhoon Bopha 5

Residents gather their belongings after their house was destroyed by strong winds brought about by Typhoon Bopha

(AFP - AFP/Getty Images)
Typhoon Bopha 6

A boy rides on a makeshift raft made from banana tree as he makes his way through their flooded home after heavy rans and strong winds brought about by Typhoon Bophal hit Pantukan town, Compostela Valley province in the Philippines.

(Ted Ajibe - AFP/Getty Images)
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