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How the world celebrated Valentine's Day (PHOTOS)
Friday, February 14th, 2014

From Karachi and Manila to Paris and New York, couples around the world celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday.

Some exchanged gifts or tied the knot, while others travelled to Rome to hear the Pope's advice on love and marriage.

Others saw the special day as an opportunity to stage kissing protests against Russia's draconian anti-gay laws. 

We've compiled a snapshot of how people around the planet celebrated that thing called love. 

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Valentines day 2014 1

A man and a woman ride a motorbike past a street vendor selling Valentine's Day balloons in Karachi, Pakistan, on Feb. 14, 2014.

(ASIF HASSAN - AFP/Getty Images)
Valentines day 2014 2

Against a backdrop of white, red and pink roses, Veronica Vizcaino and Gustavo Espinal tie the knot on the 58th floor of the Empire State Building in New York on Feb. 14, 2014.

(STAN HONDA - AFP/Getty Images)
Valentines day 2014 3

Thousands of engaged couples from around the world gathered in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City on Feb. 14, 2014, for a meeting with Pope Francis, who told them that "living together is an art, a patient, beautiful and fascinating journey." He said: "Don’t build your house on the sand of sentiments that come and go, but on the rock of real love."

(Franco Origlia - Getty Images)
Valentines day 2014 4

A young couple on their motorbike after buying a Valentine's Day gift from a street stall in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh on Feb. 14, 2014.

(Nicolas Axelrod - Getty Images)
Valentines day 2014 12

Newly-wed couples release heart-shaped balloons during a mass wedding ceremony on Valentine's Day in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur on Feb. 14, 2014.

(AFP - AFP/Getty Images)
Valentines day 2014 7

A man takes a photo of a red heart in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Feb. 14, 2014.

(LUDOVIC MARIN - AFP/Getty Images)
Valentines day 2014 8

Taoist priests hold a special ceremony for couples on Valentine's Day at Wong Tai Sin temple in Hong Kong. Valentine's Day this year falls on the same day as the Chinese Lantern Festival, which marks the end of the lunar new year period.

Valentines day 2014 9

A couple kiss during an event to celebrate Valentine's Day in New Taipei City, Taiwan, on Feb. 14, 2014.

(AFP - AFP/Getty Images)
Valentines day 2014 10

Hundreds of couples take part in a free mass wedding in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, on Feb. 14, 2014.

(JAY DIRECTO - AFP/Getty Images)
Valentines day 2014 11

Gay and lesbian activists stage a Valentine's Day kissing protest in Beijing on Feb. 14, 2014. The demonstration was against Russia's controversial anti-gay laws.

(STR - AFP/Getty Images)
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