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These Uruguayans are itching to grow the country's first legal pot
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — These weed farmers are living the dream. Their government has just legalized their favorite bud, and these guys are eager beavers to grow the stuff.

The new law says Uruguayans can get high in three ways: legal residents 18 or older can cultivate up to six marijuana plants and harvest 480 grams per year; buy 40 grams per month in registered pharmacies at less that $1 per gram; or create a cannabis club with 15 to 45 members to grow up to 99 plants together.

GlobalPost wanted to learn more about the latter. Kamilia Lahrichi spent some time at Uruguay’s first legal pot club, the studiously named Cannabis Studies Association of Uruguay, and got to meet some of the country’s top legalization activists and aspiring growers. Here's a selection of her photos from the visit.

Uruguay pot club calistro plant 2014 07 22

Alvaro Calistro with his prized possession. He co-founded a soon-to-be legal cannabis club and the Cannabis Growers Federation in Uruguay.

(Kamilia Lahrichi - GlobalPost)
Uruguay pot club with kid 2014 07 22

Grower of the future? Alvaro Calistro, holding his young son, shows off his indoor marijuana plants.

(Kamilia Lahrichi - GlobalPost)
Uruguay pot grower martin 2014 07 23

Martin wants to grow Uruguay's best weed at his Montevideo apartment.

(Kamilia Lahrichi - GlobalPost)
Uruguay marijuana club bud 2014 07 22

Earlier this month, the association held a competition for best bud.

(Kamilia Lahrichi - GlobalPost)
Uruguay marijuana club looking 2014 07 22

A consumer at the Cannabis Studies Association checks a bud for crystal-looking bits said to contain the THC chemical that gets you high.

(Kamilia Lahrichi - GlobalPost)
Uruguay marijuana club import 2014 07 22

The Montevideo shop Urugrow sells a variety of pot-growing products imported from the Netherlands.

( - GlobalPost)
Uruguay marijuana poster 2014 07 22

The Cannabis Studies Association of Uruguay offers resources on how to grow marijuana at home.

(Kamilia Lahrichi - GlobalPost)
Uruguay marijuana juan vaz 2014 07 22

Juan Vaz is a leading Uruguayan pot legalization activist who heads the Cannabis Studies Association, the country's first legal marijuana club.

(Kamilia Lahrichi - GlobalPost)
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