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Facebook zuckerberg 2011 5 11

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Facebook flaw gave nearly 100,000 applications the ability to share info.
Facebook under fire for pulling user's ad for Google+.
Zuckerberg and most staff will celebrate in California.
With shares tumbling, investors blame IPO's lead banker and Facebook executives.
A settlement over "sponsored stories" is disclosed. Meanwhile, Facebook investors continue to unfriend the stock.
Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth fell by $423 million on Thursday to $10.2 billion.
Zuckerberg's net worth is at its lowest point since Facebook's May 17th IPO.
The 28-year-old billionaire first got to know Christie in 2010 when he donated $100 million to Newark’s public schools.
Mark Zuckerberg's new advocacy group is tapping Democratic and Republican lobbyists to focus on immigration and education.
Facebook zuckerberg 2011 5 11

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a News conference in October 2010.

Justin Sullivan