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Mehmet Tahir Ilhan charged with supporting terrorism in Turkey
Hurricane Carlotta grew to a category two storm Friday as it headed toward Mexico's Pacific coast.
Hurricane Carlotta was downgraded to a tropical storm on Saturday after it killed two children when it hit Mexico's southern Pacific coast.
A speeding bus fell from a bridge in India on Saturday, killing as many as 32 and injuring at least 20.
Unnamed driver claims Palestinians tried to rob him in southern West Bank
Man executed after being found in possession of mystical books and talismans
For the first time, Asia-Pacific millionaires outnumbered those in North America, giving the region the highest number of millionaires in the world.
At least eight Czech vacationers were killed when their bus crashed in Croatia.
A man has been arrested in the shooting deaths of three men who were killed while sitting in a parked car near Columbia University.
An Ethiopian court has sentenced a United Nations guard to seven years in prison for communicating with a terrorist group.
Breaking News Graphic