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2011 syria bodies 0

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U.N. mission to Syria finds civilians at risk of "excessive force".
Most of the 88 detainees killed while in Syrian detention "tortured".
The United Nations has called for international action to protect civilians.
The sanctions could include freezing the country's assets.
Is the video real, or is it a hoax meant to frighten the opposition?
A new project tracks reports of sexualized violence in Syria, where attacks are usually carried out by regime forces.
Experts cited potential risks from Iran, Jihadists and the Syrian rebels themselves.
Syria has experienced both its deadliest week and month this August, with a death toll of around 5,000 for the month.
Syrian customs have banned the iPhone from the country, according to reports.
2011 syria bodies 0

Bodies of people killed by Syrian security forces during protests in Daraa city, stored in a mobile refrigerator, May 4, 2011.