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Joe arpaio herman cain 12 4 11

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Arizona sheriff accused of inadequately investigating 400 sex crimes cases.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona has been sued by the US Department of Justice for discriminating against Latinos.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office detained a group of undocumented immigrants, including a six-year-old girl who was not with her parents.
The US Attorney’s Office in Arizona has ended an investigation into alleged financial wrongdoing by Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.
The Arizona sheriff believes armed posses could prevent school shootings like the recent Newtown, Conn., school attack.
Joe arpaio herman cain 12 4 11

Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain (R) speaks during a news conference with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Arpaio's headquarters October 17, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Joshua Lott