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Colombia farc negotiate 2012 01 11

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A new offer to negotiate could mean Colombia's gained the upper hand
Colombia's main rebel group will free captives, stop kidnapping.
FARC said it’s ready to free 10 soldiers and police officers held prisoner for as long as 14 years.
Colombia's FARC has announced it will release its last 10 government hostages this Monday and Wednesday.
FARC rebels have killed eight people — including an infant — in two separate attacks.
Roméo Langlois "abducted" by FARC rebels, says French foreign minister
France said on Monday it held FARC rebels responsible for the life of Roméo Langlois, calling on the group to release him immediately.
FARC guerrillas killed 12 Colombian soldiers Monday and wounded four others in an attack in a rural area in northern Colombia, near the Venezuelan border.
Colombian tribal leaders have sentenced three suspected FARC rebels and an accomplice to a public flogging.
Colombia farc negotiate 2012 01 11

Colombia has moved aggressively to combat the FARC rebels.