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Us navy seal team 6 rescue 2012 1 25

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SEAL Team 6 swept into Somalia last night to free two rescue workers.
Obama implements "measured yet decisive action to achieve a security objective."
The failed weekend special forces raid near Mogadishu is raising new questions about US military capability in Somalia.
US deploys floating "mothership" to counter Mideast threats like Iran, Al Qaeda.
Here's what you should know about the US Navy's SEAL Team 6.
Us navy seal team 6 rescue 2012 1 25

Team 6 became front page news following the May 2 raid at Osama bin Laden's compound. Here, US soldiers from 703rd EOD Company, 2nd Platoon, Team 6, return with their armored vehicles following a controlled detonation of munitions outside Camp Clark in Mandozai district, Khost province, eastern Afghanistan on July 4, 2011.