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Swaziland dissent grows mswati 2012 2 7

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Civic organizations, unions and church groups work together for more democracy.
Heavily armed soldiers drove a convoy through Mbabane, in a show of force ahead of planned pro-democracy demonstrations.
The king of one of the world's poorest countries arranges a pleasure trip for his wives.
Swaziland dissent grows mswati 2012 2 7

A Swazi protester burns a cloth with an image of King Mswati III during one of the largest protests yet against Africa's last absolute monarch and his regime, in Swaziland's biggest town, Manzini, on Septmber 6, 2011. Over a thousand demonstrators brought the town of Manzini to a standstill demanding an end to royal rule, the unbanning of political parties and the release of political prisoners.