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Boy scouts gay ban

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A committee of leaders affirms the Scouts' policy prohibiting openly gay members and volunteers.
Eagle Scouts across the US are returning their hard-earned merit badges in protest of the organization's ban of gay scouts and leaders.
The 1,247 files name more than 1,000 people banned from scouting because they were accused of inappropriate conduct with boys.
The UPS Foundation has decided to stop giving charitable grants to the Boy Scouts of America until the group allows gay scouts and scout leaders.
NBC News reported the BSA could lift the ban on gay scouts and leaders as early as next week.
Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall were kicked out of the Boy Scouts after they deliberately toppled a Jurassic-era rock formation.
Boy scouts gay ban

Two boy scouts carry water containers at the 15th National Scout Jamboree held at Fort A.P. Hill, VA, in 2001.

Alex Wong