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Mekong River boatman Xayaburi

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Construction under way on Xayaburi Dam, expected to produce big electricity revenues for Laos but ruin fishing and agriculture along the riverbanks.
Burmese gangster thought to be responsible for the murder of 13 Chinese sailors in Thailand
Construction will begin despite protests from environmentalists and other countries downstream.
Collapse on the Stung Atay dam in Western Cambodia likely due to leak created by excess of water in under-construction structure
China state TV aired final interviews with inmates and their walk to the execution site.
Mekong River boatman Xayaburi

A boatman on the Mekong River, which is already experiencing major effects from dams built in China. The Xayaburi Dam on the Laotian part of the river could have devastating consequences for those who make their livings along the Mekong.

Samantha Page