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Innocence of muslims

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'Innocence of Muslims,' the film that sparked protests throughout the muslim world, will stay up on YouTube.
A judge in Brazil has ordered YouTube remove clips of "Innocence of Muslims," or the company will face fines of $5000 a day.
Protest-sparking footage banned in predominantly Muslim Chechnya.
Moscow's Tverskoy Court ruled that the video is "extremist".
Al-Qaida wants vengeance for offending "Innocence of Muslims" footage.
Court charges Mark Basseley Yousseff with "insulting the Islamic religion" and "using religion to promote extremist ideas."
A court has declared the site out of bounds for Egyptians for one month, after it hosted a controversial anti-Islam video.
Innocence of muslims

A screengrab from "Innocence of Muslims" YouTube trailer.