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Colombia farc rebel 2012 11 19

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The FARC negotiates its future in Havana.
Afghan war vet Kevin Scott Sutay was warned not to enter Colombia's guerrilla-ruled jungle. He strolled in alone anyway.
While their chiefs negotiate peace, Colombian rapping rebels hit YouTube and their army enemies strike back — with reggaeton.
Colombian peasant José Crisanto Gómez has been sentenced to 33 years in jail for kidnapping and extortion after looking after the infant son of a FARC hostage.
Two Spanish tourists were kidnapped in Colombia while driving in La Guajira, near the Venezuelan border.
The top negotiator for Colombia's leftist FARC rebel group said Monday he was confident the nearly 50-year armed conflict was "nearing an end."
The 26-year-old Kevin Scott Sutay was traveling as a tourist in Colombia's Guaviare region when when he was kidnapped in June.
Colombia farc rebel 2012 11 19

A member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas mans a checkpoint near the town of Toribio, in the Colombian department of Cauca.

Luis Robayo