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edward snowden

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Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong. How does the United States bring home people it calls criminals when they flee the country?
The whistleblower who exposed the NSA's vast surveillance program is currently hiding out in Hong Kong.
Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971, says whistleblowers like Snowden and Bradley Manning are helping Americans defend their right to privacy.
Snowden checked out of the Hong Kong hotel room where he was hiding shortly after appearing in an interview with the Guardian newspaper.
The ACLU filed a suit Tuesday to stop the NSA's collection of phone call logs.
Snowden said the United States has been mounting a massive hacking operation against China since 2009.
The NSA leaker who exposed the agency's widespread spying program, is answering questions from the public.
The government has asked Hong Kong to detain the NSA leaker on a provisional arrest warrant.
NSA leaker Edward Snowden has according to the Hong Kong government left "on his own accord for a third country."
Edward Snowden's father said his son broke the law, but did not betray the public when he leaked classified information on US surveillance programs.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday his country 'cannot solve anything' for NSA leaker Edward Snowden.
edward snowden

Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who leaked top secret documents revealing a vast surveillance program by the US government to the Guardian newspaper. The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald interviewed Snowden in a hotel room in Hong Kong and released the video on Sunday June 10, 2013.