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Globalpost 20 must reads 2013

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As many as 70,000 Chinese children are abducted and sold each year. Some end up in the US.
'Welcome to the atoll of Diego Garcia, the ‘Footprint of Freedom!’' US naval personnel are told about the remote Indian Ocean island.
A boom in floating vacations is presenting a dilemma for coastal communities around the world.
With law and order stretched thin in Mexico, citizen posses have stepped up, rounding up accused drug dealers and other criminals.
A bloody massacre in the streets of Cairo challenges the army's version of events.
Some Koreans cry foul over K-Pop’s growing raunchiness. Others revel in it.
As the topless feminist protest group FEMEN expands from its base in Ukraine, it’s finding the costs of its activism are growing.
Here are some of the most patronizing campaigns aimed at helping a very large and diverse continent. Fortunately, some Africans are starting to turn the tables.
Violence against women has skyrocketed since the Syrian conflict began.
Globalpost 20 must reads 2013
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