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Best GlobalPost quotes 2012

BOSTON — While covering underreported stories around the world, GlobalPost's far-flung correspondents often hear some real verbal gems. Here is a selection of some of their best quotes in 2012.

2,012 words of 2012

BOSTON, Mass. — Here are the buzzwords, the keywords, or just plain words, that were uttered time and again in 2012. This was an absurd amount of work. So please click on it.

The biggest international news events of 2012 in photos

In today's fast-paced, 24-hour, at-this-instant news cycle, it can be hard to remember what happened last month let alone over the past year. Instead of wracking your brain to rememeber the major events of 2012, sit back and relax as you breeze through our photo essay of the biggest international news events of 2012.

End of the World: A Playlist

Mood music to both stoke your fears and quell them, while giving your ears one last treat before the man comes around.

US auto industry expects profits in 2012

At this week's Detroit auto show, experts say the American auto industry is on the road to recovery

Econ 2012, a view of America from Britain

British analysts skeptical that America can drag world back to growth
Econ 2012Enlarge
They were smiling on Wall Street to start the year. But is that confidence enough to get the whole world economy back on track? (Ramin Talaie/Getty Images)

Today's Daily Telegraph, a voice of highly skeptical British conservatism, especially in its financial pages, has a very interesting article by Richard Blackden on the U.S. economy. It throws a large bucket of cold water on the new conventional wisdom gathering at year's end that somehow America was out of the woods and ready to grow in a way that would bring the rest of the world economy with it.


European financial markets say goodbye and good riddance to 2011

Major exchanges were up on the day but down for the year
2011 byebyeEnlarge
The twin symbols of the European economies catastrophic 2011: an Occupy protester outside the European Central Bank (Ralph Orlowski/AFP/Getty Images)
Europe's financial markets lost ground in 2011. Next year doesn't look much better as one of Europe's big economies, Spain, tries to halve its deficit by cutting spending and raising taxes
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