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Election Night 2012 through social media, the virtual world weighs in

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ... the world of social media embraced the 2012 US Election.
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President Barack Obama's Twitter photo sent shortly before it became obvious he was headed to victory on November 6, 2012, became one of the most popular tweets ever. (Twitter/Courtesy)
President Barack Obama's photo sent out with Twitter, shortly before it became obvious he was headed to victory, became one of the most popular tweets ever.

Canadians' love affair with Obama endures

KELOWNA, British Columbia — Daniel Roukema, a 41-year-old public relations professional in Toronto, was connecting with friends around the world all night through Facebook, hanging off updates until the networks finally called the election for Barack Obama.

Europe breathes a sigh of relief over Obama victory

LONDON — Four years ago, Europeans greeted Barack Obama's election with jubilation. This time it was relief at the prospect of a more stable world. While leaders from across the continent welcomed not having to reorganize their Rolodexes, ordinary citizens confirmed overwhelming pre-vote preferences for a Democratic-led US government.

View from Mexico: A welcome win for Obama, loss for drug cartels

GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Many were relieved Tuesday night as the result of the US presidential election was broadcast across the country. “There is some hope for North Americans and the rest of the world,” Mexico City-based journalist Adriana Ferreira told GlobalPost after President Barack Obama was declared the winner.

For Southeast Asians, Obama’s re-election offers continuity

BANGKOK — You wouldn’t know it from this race’s campaign rhetoric, but there are Asian countries south of China. Southeast Asia was largely invisible during this contest despite America’s various and complex entanglements in the region. Even the Obama administration’s biggest development here — cracking the shell of Myanmar’s ruling inner circle and ending a long spell of sanctions — elicited scant attention on the campaign trail. 

In Egypt, Obama win elicits feeling of relief

CAIRO, Egypt — Despite US President Barack Obama’s failure to deliver on his lofty rhetoric of peace in the Arab world after his last election, Egyptians nevertheless breathed a collective sigh of relief Wednesday morning. Egyptians said that while Obama has not been perfect, he is less aggressive and more worldly than his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.

Election night firsts: Who made history Tuesday night?

"For years, our opponents have argued that we could not win a majority vote at the ballot."

President Barack Obama wins 2012 election (PHOTOS)

By the time networks were calling Ohio for Obama, the Democrat candidate had the 270 electoral votes required for a win.

India: Dalal St. and Main St. cheer Obama victory

NEW DELHI — India's popular reaction to Obama's re-election ranged from jubilation to disbelief, as poll watchers divided cleanly along ideological lines. “I think most Indians were more comfortable with Obama,” said Ayush Prasad, a 24-year-old student. “Many of us aspire to have leaders like Obama in India, because he's a person who thinks, and is introspective. He's a person who does what he thinks is right.” 
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