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New Yorkers may get an extra day to vote due to Hurricane Sandy

Will New Yorkers get two extra days to vote?

Christie endorses Romney after praising Obama

"Honestly the fact of the matter is that what New Jerseyans expect from their governor is to work for them, not to work for any particular political party."

Obama, Romney compete for newspaper endorsements

Influential newspapers from around the globe are taking sides in the US Presidential election, with foreign endorsements leaning heavily toward Obama.

Federal judge extends early voting hours in Fla

In South Florida, the Democratic Party filed a lawsuit early Sunday asking a judge to force the state government to extend early voting hours.

Ohio: the campaign endgame

Allegations swirl that Ohio votes will be counted using experimental software, maintained by a firm with ties to Romney.
Ohio romney obamaEnlarge
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Ohio on Oct. 25, 2012. (Justin Sullivan/AFP/Getty Images)
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohioans may be forgiven for thinking that they are the only game in town as Election Day nears. Now, allegations are swirling that Ohio votes will be counted using experimental software, maintained by a firm with ties to Romney.

Million Puppet March in Washington a wild, woolly affair (VIDEO)

“I like PBS. I love Big Bird ... but I’m not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for,” Romney said during a presidential debate.

Presidential election 2012: 5 more nail-biters

This presidential election is definitely down to the wire, but it isn't the first time America has seen a close call.
Bush gore 2000 electionsEnlarge
Bush v. Gore may have been the most anxiety-inducing presidential election of all time. (Chris Hondros/AFP/Getty Images)
The 2012 presidential election is certainly down to the wire, with polls and pundits alike calling it...well, too close to call. Though Americans (and the world, as GlobalPost has found) are on the edge of their seats about who will finally take the presidency on Tuesday, this isn't the first time two politicians have been locked in a nail-biter of a US election.

Afghanistan: Missing George W. Bush

KABUL — Whoever wins the US presidential election will have to deal with a huge problem that’s barely been mentioned on the campaign trail: Afghanistan. Relations with the Afghan government first began to seriously deteriorate four years ago, when US President Barack Obama came to power. Karzai enjoyed a close personal rapport with former president George W. Bush, which has never existed with Obama.
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