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GlobalPost asks people around the world: What's the biggest foreign policy challenge facing the US? (VIDEO)

GlobalPost writers asked the international folks around them to share their answers to the question, "What's the biggest foreign policy challenge facing the US?"

If Pakistan could vote, Obama would not fare well

ISLAMABAD — "America is ruling us directly or indirectly and interfering in most of our issues so lets make it clear now that we are part of the US. There is no need of embarrassment. We must accept that we are an undeclared slave of the US,” said Iftikhar Khan, a 24-year-old student of political science.

Turkey: America's new key ally in the Middle East?

ISTANBUL — It’s probably a matter of geography. But the Turkish government has been masterful in recent years at keeping friends in both the Middle East and the West, despite all the conflicts in between. But with the Arab Spring and the Syrian conflict, things are changing in the region and it might be the administration of US President Barack Obama that wins out in the end.

Florida in focus as the campaign nears its end

The Sunshine State could once again play kingmaker or spoiler in the presidential election, with Hispanic voters holding the key.
Motorcade florida 2012 11 02Enlarge
A motorcade for US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney cruises through Delray Beach, Fla., Oct. 20. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images)
BOCA RATON, Fla. — Once again, it could all come down to Florida. There is, arguably, no greater plum for the candidates at this point than the hotly contested Sunshine State, whose 29 Electoral College votes could put Barack Obama over the top or relieve Mitt Romney of the necessity of sweeping multiple smaller states. Romney resumed his campaign there on Wednesday with three stops in Tampa, Jacksonville and Coral Gables. He talked up his economic expertise and said it was time for a "new course," but refrained from direct attacks upon the president, who was still dealing with the aftermath of Sandy.

Europe is making Obama look good, but it could break him in his second term

If it hadn't been in the pocket yet, Sandy cast Obama’s victory in stone (unless he really screws up Staten Island, perhaps, or Diebold goes nuts). Not that he really needed it anymore, the economic numbers are simply not bad enough. Or perhaps we should say the public perception of the numbers isn't bad enough.

Jobs report: Campaigns spin in different directions for Obama, Romney

Romney cast Obama as ineffective on the economy, while the Obama campaign tried to keep voters focused on finishing a recovery that the president started.

Asia markets fear Romney presidency

Experts say China prefers the continuity and consistency of a second Obama term.

Fox reporter sparks Twitter war with 'Hail Obama' Tweet

WOFL Fox 35 reporter Mike Synan ignited a Twitter war last night by claiming a pro-Obama crowd in Daytona, FL. began chanting "Hail Obama."

International election observers rile Americans

In fact, Texas and Iowa are threatening to arrest them.
Carter election observers 2012 11 01Enlarge
Former US President Jimmy Carter, right, watches election workers in Jakarta, Indonesia during a visit to a polling station on July 5, 2004. (Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)
BOCA RATON — It is not at all difficult to imagine international observers at US polling places. In fact, they have been here in every election since 2002, which means it was on a Republican president’s watch — George W. Bush, to be exact — that the practice began.

Greg Abbott to election observers: Don't mess with Texas

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, or more familiarly the OSCE, is an international election-monitoring group that for decades has stood up to harsh regimes and violence in places such as Belarus and Kazakhstan in the name of free speech and democracy. More recently, however, the OSCE has found themselves fighting a new battle, this time in the United States – or perhaps more colloquially, the OSCE has recently been made acutely aware of what happens when one, ‘messes with Texas’.
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