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60 Seconds on Earth: A Filipino tour guide's hilarious protest against the power of the Catholic Church

MANILA, Philippines — Carlos Celdran may show tourists the sights of Manila, but thinks of himself as more performance artist than guide. His website warns, 'Content tends to offend people with no sense of humor nor sense of drama.'

60 Seconds on Earth: This is what Kyiv's Maidan looks like now

KYIV, Ukraine — It’s a vast open-air museum, a moment of history frozen in time as if nobody wants to touch anything or clean anything up, just yet. After spending a week in eastern Ukraine, GlobalPost contributor Greg Brosnan is overwhelmed by a visit to Kyiv's main square. His 60 seconds of video speak volumes.

60 Seconds on Earth: Saving the world's coolest goat

CHITRAL, Pakistan — The population of these goats with their dramatic, twisting horns dwindled to just a few hundred in the 1980s. But in the remote mountains of northern Pakistan, a host of conservation measures are helping bring back the markhor. The conservation success story has been attributed to community involvement, and the financial benefits of occasional — strictly regulated and very expensive — trophy hunts.

60 Seconds on Earth: See how Pakistanis paint those beautiful trucks (VIDEO)

RAWALPINDI — Truck painting is big business in Pakistan. Owners spend hundreds of dollars to get a vehicle painted. Craftsmen work eight to ten days to cover a truck with bright designs. Over the past decade, many trucks have carried supplies to NATO troops. Now as those troops withdraw, truck artists worry they might be out of a job.

This small British town has a bizarre tradition involving booze, cracked ribs, a hood — and more booze

HAXEY, UK — Forget Christmas Day or New Year's: 'The Hood' is the biggest holiday of the year in this northern English town. On Jan. 6, the Twelfth Night of Christmas, every adult in Haxey who can takes the day off work. The local school, Haxey Church of England Primary, is closed. And by mid-morning, the village’s pubs are full.

60 Seconds on Earth: Need an elephant? Get to Asia's largest and oldest livestock fair

BIHAR, India — Billed as a cattle fair, India’s Sonepur Mela is also place to buy elephants and catch carnival rides, bathe in the Ganges and dance. The Indian state of Bihar hosts the event every winter and millions visit.

60 Seconds on Earth: What slums, gangs and fried chicken have in common

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — Rio's Santa Marta favela became the first slum in the city to be “pacified” by police in 2008.
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