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The 10 films that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film over the last decade

It’s time for the Oscars! Love it or hate it, it's happening. Let other people argue about whether "American Hustle" is overrated or about whether there were enough drugs in "The Wolf of Wall Street." Let us pay homage to the 10 foreign language films of the last decade that were amazing, won Best Foreign Language Film, and were snubbed for Best Picture nominations because of things like "Avatar" and because Americans don't like reading subtitles.

'Lone Survivor': A fact check

The movie adaptation of Marcus Luttrell’s “Lone Survivor,” which stars Mark Wahlberg, is breaking all sorts of box office records and is on track to become the biggest war movie of the post-9/11 era. But it will no doubt provide Afghan war fact checkers a delight of dubious claims to decipher.

The quiet agony of filming 'The Act of Killing'

SINGAPORE — 'The Act of Killing' is one of five Oscar hopefuls nominated for this year's Best Documentary. It’s a harrowing film that exposes Indonesia’s darkest secret — one of the most horrific yet least acknowledged mass crimes of the Cold War. In this exclusive GlobalPost interview, the documentary's Indonesian co-director says the crew decided to remain anonymous out of grave fear for their lives.

Oscars: Adele may lip-sync ‘Skyfall’ song

Adele is preparing a pre-recorded version of 'Skyfall' as a backup to the live version for the Academy Awards.
Adele attends The BRIT Awards 2012 at the O2 Arena on February 21, 2012 in London, England. (Gareth Cattermole/AFP/Getty Images)
Adele is preparing a pre-recorded version of 'Skyfall' as a backup to the live version for the Academy Awards.

Oscars: The Artist a big score for a very French film

Oscars bring joy to French film industry and confirm Hollywood's love affair with France.
Uggie oscarEnlarge
Uggie the dog, the real star of "The Artist" was not nominated for an Oscar. Controversy! (ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

The theme of this year's Oscars: France, Paris and France, Paris again. The Artist, the silent black and white film made by Frenchman Michel Hazanavicius, is the hot favorite for Best Picture and garnered 10 nominations. But Paris figures in a pair of American films nominated for Best Picture. Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris," and Martin Scorsese's "Hugo," which looks at one of the founding fathers of French cinema, Georges Melies. In fact, the Scorsese film has 11 nominations.

The French capital is even included among the nominees for Best Animated Feature Film where "A Cat in Paris" is among the nominees.


BAFTA award nominees 2012

Britain's version of the Oscars leaves some pretty terrific work out this year
Bafta 2012Enlarge
The BAFTA Award. Bellwether for Oscar glory? (Ian Gavan/AFP/Getty Images)

Members of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts have been giving awards for decades but usually after the Academy Awards were presented. Several years ago, in an attempt to be relevant, the British Academy decided to start giving its awards in advance of Hollywood's big night. The BAFTAs are now seen as something of a bellwether for Oscar nominations.  

This year brought another major change came which was meant to bring BAFTA closer to Oscar.  As this article in Variety reports, "The entire membership of 6,500 voters, including the 1,480 based in the U.S.," will vote on the winners "instead of the prize being decided by a hand-picked jury of London insiders."

The change has led to a certain amount of schizophrenia in this year's list of nominees announced yesterday.

The Artist, the silent movie about silent movies, leads the BAFTA pack with 12 nominations including Best Picture and one for, of all things,  Best Sound. The Artist is considered a top contender for Oscar glory.

A British film, a new adaptation of John Le Carre's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy comes second with 11 nominations. My guess is that at Oscar time it won't fare quite as well.

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