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That commercial for Cadillac is everything France hates about the US

PARIS, France — It’s fair to assume that Cadillac didn’t have its French customers in mind when it released its latest TV spot. What the advert for Cadillac's new electric car assumes will appeal to an American audience — enterprise, self-reliance, “stuff” — sounds to French ears like consumerism, materialism, arrogance. In other words, everything they love to hate about the US.

Nando's 'xenophobia' ad pulled from South African TV (VIDEO)

The latest controversial ad by fast-food chain Nando's is on the subject of xenophobia in South Africa.
Nandos xenophobia ad 20120605Enlarge
This new ad by fast-food chain Nando's raises the issue of xenophobia in South Africa. (Screengrab)
The commercial, titled "Diversity," asks viewers: "You know what's wrong with South Africa?"

Student banking: Now available with a happy ending

(VIDEO) A Czech banking commercial makes student bank accounts sound positively orgasmic.
Student banking screengrab jpegEnlarge
Why isn't banking in the US this much fun? (Screen grab/GlobalPost)

Collecting grossly inappropriate Eastern European advertisements is one of my long-time hobbies.

Yes, it is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but hey, it’s more fun than collecting stamps.

You may remember the billboard I saw in Slovakia last year.

It featured a nude woman with no pubic hair with a slogan that read: “Have you been neglecting your front year lately?”

It was, naturally, an ad for a hardware store.

Well, I think I can top that one today.

Straight from prime time Czech television comes this gem:

A young woman on the screen is having an orgasm for about ten seconds. You are not sure what’s happening. Has my TV accidentally switched to a German porn channel?

No, no, no.

Shortly, you find out it’s an ad for banking. For student accounts, to be precise.

The message is this: You wish your “first time” was as good as your first bank account.

The bank account package, by the way, is called G2. Students thus have their own banking G-spot in each branch of Komercni banka. Quite handy, eh?

The ad comes (literally) in two variations. One features a woman.

The other one features a man:


'Tofu is gay meat' slogan causes outrage in Germany

It was designed as an advert for the Maredo Steakhouse. It even won a prize. But…
T-bone steak, on the other hand, is totally heterosexual meat. (JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)

A picture of a steak branded with the slogan “Tofu is gay meat" was never used.

But it still created an outrage.

The advertising campaign was developed for the Maredo Steakhouse chain by writers at German ad house Scholz & Friends – but despite winning a prize back in 2009 it was considered so offensive it was never used, writes The Local

Now, almost three years later, someone dug it up from the archives of the Art Directors Club website and passed it around various social networks, where it was met with outrage and passed on, acquiring the Twitter hashtag tofuschwuchtel or “fag tofu.”

Maredo was forced to launch a damage limitation operation and issued a statement distancing itself from the campaign, stressing that Scholz & Friends had approached them asking to use the idea of advertising for a steakhouse in a competition.

Maredo executives had never even seen the images that resulted, the firm said. 

A spokesman for Scholz & Friends told Der Spiegel that the firm apologized and was doing what it could to remove the image from the internet. 

Referring to the image, the agency said, “We would not do that today, and regret that the feelings of homosexual people were hurt.”

There is also a second slogan in the campaign, also shown branded onto a steak: “If one should not eat animals, why are they made of meat?”

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