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US, Afghanistan edge closer to a post-2014 security deal

United States Secretary of State John Kerry met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai for a second day of talks Saturday.

NATO base attacked by suicide bombers near Torkham, Afghanistan

A US military base in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan was attacked by militants Monday.

Kabul and Taliban in secret peace talks

Taliban and the Afghan government have been holding secret peace talks.

Afghanistan’s next conflict: India vs. Pakistan

NEW DELHI — As 2014 approaches, the Obama administration is busy trying to keep its promise of extracting most US troops from Afghanistan. In a worst-case scenario, experts say, if the US were to truly botch the delicate deal-making, the rivalry between India and Pakistan could fuel ongoing violence — or even devolve into a proxy war.

Suicide bombings kill at least 14 in Afghanistan

At least 14 people are dead in Afghanistan Friday after two suicide blasts.

Six children die in Afghanistan bomb blast; top policewoman shot dead

Roadside bombs killed six children in Afghanistan on Thursday, while a female policewoman was gunned down in Helmand province.

Kabul: Taliban attack on NATO contractor compound kills at least eight

The compound is operated by C3PO, an international logistics company that supplies NATO troops in Afghanistan.

'Historic day' as Afghans formally take over security from NATO troops

Afghan forces have formally been handed the country's national security from US-led NATO forces Tuesday.

Karzai: American foreign policy caused 9/11

According to the Afghan president, aside from turning Afghanistan into Taliban-ruled chaos, America's course of action also led to the attacks on 9/11.
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