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Survey: Africans say continent's macroeconomic growth isn't helping them

JOHANNESBURG — The findings of the latest Afrobarometer survey of 34 countries, released Tuesday, puts into sharp relief the continent’s much-vaunted GDP growth rates by looking instead at the daily lives of Africans, who say they are not benefiting from economic growth.

Is this the end of expensive air travel in Africa?

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – An upstart airline may be the first pan-African carrier to bring affordable flights to a continent known for its bad roads and prohibitively expensive air travel. African economies are booming, but getting around can be a nightmare. In addition to poor road infrastructure, passenger trains are few, and flights can be costly, with scant inter-African connections.  

Tip-toeing into Africa

MANAMA, Bahrain — “Africa Rising” shouted the cover of Time late last year. Proctor & Gamble’s CEO, Bob McDonald, in global retail a figure akin to the Pope, dubbed Africa “the next frontier” in a January speech. And yet, in spite of a decade in which many sub-Saharan African countries have grown at 6 percent and more, wariness persists, and not just among Western hacks eager to write self-aggrandizing stories of misery and famine in far off lands.

China vs. US: Who’s better for Africa?

China has pledged billions toward Africa's development, but what does this mean for the continent's attitude toward the US?

Bosco Ntaganda: Congolese fugitive repeats his crimes

'Terminator' is forcing new child soldiers into his militia in eastern Congo, reports Human Rights Watch.
Icc war crimes charges bosco the terminator ntaganda drc may 2012Enlarge
A picture taken on January 11, 2009 shows the leader of the rebels and chief of staff of the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) General Ntaganda Bosco. The International Criminal Court sought new war crimes charges against him on May 14, 2012. (LIONEL HEALING/AFP/Getty Images)

NAIROBI, Kenya — Bosco Ntaganda is the bogeyman of eastern Congo.

He is the source of the current fighting that has so far forced at least 8,000 people to flee their homes over the borders to Rwanda, and he is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, including the recruitment of child soldiers.

This week the ICC prosecutor leveled additional charges of crimes against humanity against Ntaganda.

More from GlobalPost: Bosco 'Terminator' Ntaganda's troops take over eastern Congo towns

In April Ntaganda, known as 'The Terminator,' deserted from the Congolese army into which he had been integrated under a 2009 peace deal. Hundreds of his loyal troops followed him in the mutiny. Ntaganda's move came soon after his former rebel commander, Thomas Lubanga, was himself found guilty by the ICC of recruiting child soldiers


East Africans step up plans for their own “euro”

BRUSSELS — Despite Europe’s woes, some in Africa say a euro-style single currency could bring major benefits for the regional economy.
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