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Should the US send more aid to Afghanistan?

Given Afghanistan’s runaway corruption and lack of progress in many important areas such as security and governance, experts question whether sending additional funds makes any sense.

'Three Cups of Tea' author forced to repay $1 million to his charity

'Three Cups of Tea' author and Central Asia Insitute (CAI) charity founder, Greg Mortenson, agreed to pay $1 million back to his organization and step down from its board after a Montana court ruled that he had misused funds.

CARE loses 80 percent of budget for Afghanistan aid

CARE, a humanitarian aid agency dedicated to ending global poverty, has seen 80 percent of its budget in Afghanistan cut as the US slashes aid and prepares for its withdrawal from the region. The organization has had to fire 400 of its 900 employees in Afghanistan, and was forced to shut down the education program it ran in remote areas for 21,000 children.  
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