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Two decades of HIV/AIDS Public Service Announcements

Over the last few decades, the state of HIV/AIDS has experienced significant change, and so have the prevention messages.

Eastern Europe struggles to contain the spread of HIV/AIDS

UN figures show that while the rate of new HIV infections has fallen in much of the world in recent years, Eastern Europe is bucking the global trend.

The global state of AIDS/HIV (INFOGRAPHIC)

A visual description of the current state of AIDS and HIV worldwide.

AIDS in Latin America: Epidemic stable, but still deadly

HAVANA — Major gains have been made in the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean, where the infection rate has held stable over the past decade.

Indonesia's fastest growing HIV demographic? Housewives

In parts of the archipelago, housewives top prostitutes in new HIV cases
Indonesia aids housewivesEnlarge
A woman displays inflated condoms during a World Aids Day campaign in Bali island on December 1, 2012. (SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

Here's a statistic that begs an explanation from married Indonesian men: housewives in parts of the island nation now outnumber prostitutes when it comes to new cases of HIV.

Those are the latest findings from the Surabaya Aids Prevention Commission, which monitors the spread of HIV in Indonesia. According to the Bernama news outlet, the commission states that a full 60 percent of new HIV cases in populous Bogor, West Java, are housewives. The same report notes that the disease's spread among sex workers is leveling out.

The commission encourages all pregnant women to take HIV tests but, as the Jakarta Globe reports,less than one in ten consent and "those who tested positive became hysterical and immediately pointed their fingers at their husbands." Husbands who criss-cross provinces for work -- and spend long stints away from home -- are seen by the commission as some of the top culprits.

But as long as Indonesians read headlines about children getting expelled for having HIV-positive dads, and HIV-positive couples run out of villages, it will be hard to convince many women that their communities will still embrace them even if they're infected with HIV by philandering husbands.


State of AIDS: A global look

A blueprint for an AIDS-free generation has just been unveiled. But how close are we really? From Hong Kong to Nairobi, from Brussels to Brazil — GlobalPost sheds light on the state of AIDS and HIV worldwide in this in-depth series.

Asia: Hopes rise in fight against HIV/AIDS

HONG KONG — AIDS came late to Asia, but it came with a vengeance. Emerging in the Golden Triangle in the late 1980s, the disease spread quickly, eventually killing more people in one year than anywhere outside of Africa. With 60 percent of humanity living on the continent, the potential for an HIV/AIDS epidemic across Asia has been a terrifying, and catastrophic, prospect.

AIDS fight: 7 organizations making a difference

The fight against AIDS continues to be a global one. Here, seven organizations that are on the front lines.

AIDS vaccine 'a step closer' after HIV antibodies discovery

Significantly, scientists were able to establish a link between a change in the outer coating of the virus, and the formulation of the "broadly neutralizing antibodies" that fight it.
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