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How China is "taking over Europe"

BERLIN — Germany’s celebrated economic boom is in large part thanks to China.

Earth to euro zone: do something

BERLIN — So what should Europe’s politicians be doing?

Why is Washington serenading German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

BERLIN — The Medal of Freedom — and the gushing praise of the chancellor — was less an award for past achievements than a signal of what Washington expects in the future.

Germany embarks on a green energy revolution

BERLIN — Few in Germany deny that eliminating nuclear power is a gamble.

Germany drags on electric cars

BERLIN — Germany, despite its environmental proclivities and cutting-edge auto industry, has lagged behind other countries when it comes to the electric car.

New European leaders emerge

France will elect a new president in 2012. Germany's next federal election is 2013. After that, the leaders at the center of European politics could completely change.

The United States falls behind Germany in renewable energy investment

BERLIN and BEIJING — Germany and China have sent clear signals that they support renewable energy investment.

Ireland sours on the European Union

DUBLIN — Is Dublin closer to Boston than Berlin these days?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffers blow in state elections

BERLIN — Explaining away her party’s demoralizing drubbing in a key state election, Merkel has invoked the political equivalent of chaos theory.

Libyan attack: Who's in charge?

France wants the EU in control, while Britain prefers NATO.
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