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Mortality en masse: 9 strange animal deaths in the last 8 years

Natural or not, these mass animal deaths have us scratching our heads.
Blame biology, natural selection, weird weather, or whatever you please.

European Union bans all cosmetics tested on animals

Animal rights supporters scored a victory in the European Union on March 11, as regulators announced a total ban on both the sale and import of products containing any ingredients tested on animals.

Video of the Day: Animals give you tough love

Few things can make you feel worse about yourself than adorable animals who are disappointed in you.
Sad puppyEnlarge
This Border Collie puppy is disappointed in you. (Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images)
These adorable animals aren't angry. They're just disappointed.

Germany prepares to make bestiality illegal

Germany plans to introduce a new law that will make sex with animals a crime.

Ferrets: more domesticated than previously believed! (VIDEO)

Own a ferret? You're not as fringe as you may believe. New research indicates that ferrets (cute, slinky, furry, mischevious) share many of the same accommodating behavioral characteristics towards humans as dogs, as reported by Scientific American.

Scientists film a Snow leopard family in den for first time

Scientists have videotaped a mother snow leopard and her cubs in their den in Mongolia's Tost Mountains — the first time the den site of these notoriously elusive big cats has been both located and filmed

German lake closed due to escaped crocodile

The croc has already "scratched" one swimmer at Lake Klausensee, local police say.
crocodile attacks australiaEnlarge
A no-swimming sign warning of crocodiles is seen at Finch Bay in Queensland, Australia, on June 20, 2011. (Mark Kolbe/AFP/Getty Images)
"This animal is about as dangerous as a naughty dachshund," according to experts at a nearby zoo.

Man files $20,000 insurance claim for dead cat that doesn't exist

Yevgeniy Samsonov said he loved the fictional feline "like a son."
Fake dead cat 6 7 2012Enlarge
The cat that Yevgeniy Samsonov claimed had been "like a son" to him. It had not, because he found the picture on Wikipedia. (Wikimedia commons)
A man in Tacoma, Washington, has been charged with insurance fraud after attempting to claim $20,000 for the death of a cat that never existed.

Arise Hyloscirtus princecharlesi, frog named after Prince Charles

The orange-and-black tree frog was named because of His Royal Highness's conservation work, not his looks.
Prince Charles frog 5 7 2012Enlarge
Conservation organization Amphibian Ark decided to name the new species after Prince Charles in recognition of his efforts to save the rainforest. (Amphibian Ark/Courtesy)
It's usually a frog that turns into a prince, but this time, it's the prince that's become a frog. Specifically, the Hyloscirtus princecharlesi, or Prince Charles stream tree frog.
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