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Biden time in Asia

Commentary: China is the looming superpower, but with a tradition of taking the long view.
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Vice President Joe Biden with his Chinese counterpart Li Yuanchao. (Andy Wong-Pool/AFP/Getty Images)
OWLS HEAD, Maine — Vice-President Joe Biden has set off on perhaps the most sensitive and significant foreign policy venture of his five years under President Obama. Indeed, it may be a more important undertaking than anything Hillary Clinton did in the 956,733 miles she traveled as Secretary of State. During three decades of record growth, China has pole-vaulted its citizens into virtually undreamt-of economic prosperity and equally unimaginable pollution. Now, China has decided its time to parlay its position as an economic powerhouse into one as a forceful strategic player in East Asia. Biden's trip will take him to a triangle of countries, Japan, China, and South Korea. Each has competing interests and conflicting friendships.

Shinzo Abe, an outspoken nationalist, takes reins at Japan's LDP, risking tensions with China, South Korea

TOKYO — The return of Shinzo Abe could amp up territorial disputes with China and South Korea. If elected — and he leads in polls — he promises to roll back WWII apologies and take a harder line over territorial disputes with neighbors. 
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