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South African census shows continuing racial inequality

The census put South Africa's population at 51.8 million, nearly 80 percent of whom are black people.

Nelson Mandela archive, backed by Google, goes online

JOHANNESBURG — Thousands of documents, photos and videos about Nelson Mandela are being made available for free online in a new digital archive of the South African anti-apartheid hero's life.

White South African family seeks US asylum, claiming racial discrimination

An Afrikaner family has applied for asylum in the United States, claiming that as white South Africans they face racism back home.
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Oscar winning Actress Charlize Theron wipes away tears as she meets former South African President Nelson Mandela at Mandela House following her Academy Awards success, on March 11, 2004 in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Naashon Zalk/Getty Images)

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — A South African family is seeking asylum in the United States, claiming that as white Afrikaner farmers they face racial discrimination back home.

The family's lawyer has been contacting US academics to try and get scholarly opinions that would help with their case, South African daily the Times reported today. Lawyer Rehim Babaoglu said the family is too afraid to be identified.


South Africa: Controversy over political poster showing interracial couple

The poster by the opposition Democratic Alliance party's student wing shows a mixed-race couple gazing into each other's eyes, with the suggestion that they are nude.

Nelson Mandela TV miniseries, "Madiba," in the works

The $20-million series is titled "Madiba," which is Mandela's family clan name and a term of respect for him commonly used by South Africans.

Gaddafi death "regrettable," South Africa's ANC says

South African President Jacob Zuma said Gaddafi should have been captured, not killed, and then tried at the International Court of Justice. 

Desmond Tutu celebrates birthday with Bono, without Dalai Lama (VIDEO)

Tutu, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his peaceful struggle against apartheid, is widely seen as South Africa's moral compass, and known for his controversial statements on a range of issues. 

South Africa stalls on Dalai Lama visa amid concerns of Chinese pressure

China, which is South Africa's largest trading partner, reacts angrily to countries that allow the Dalai Lama entry and grant him meetings with high-level officials.

South Africa's ANC backs down on controversial media law

Criticism of the proposed media bill has come from a broad spectrum of society concerned about press freedom in South Africa, including the business community, media, opposition politicians and even some members of the ANC.
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