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Libyan PM says cease-fire ends tribal violence

The fighting is between the Tabu and Arab Abu Seif tribes, and illustrates the country’s fragile condition since Muammar Gaddafi’s ouster last year.

Zimbabwe activists get community service for viewing Arab Spring videos

JOHANNESBURG — A Harare court today sentenced six Zimbabwean activists to community service and a fine for watching video footage of last year's uprisings in Egypt.

Zimbabwe activists convicted in Arab Spring video trial

JOHANNESBURG — A group of Zimbabwean activists who were arrested for watching video footage of the Arab Spring uprising have been convicted of conspiracy to incite public violence.

Arab regimes embrace Twitter and Facebook — for their own ends

DOHA — Twitter and Facebook have been widely credited with enabling citizens to upend dictatorial regimes. But while oppressive governments were initially caught off guard by the new media tools, those still in power appear finally to be catching on. In some cases they are happily embracing social networking to play Big Brother in a way never before possible.

Syria: activists report scores dead in Homs massacre

BEIRUT — Photos of the mutilated corpses of women and children in Karm el-Zeytoun were posted online hours after UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan departed Damascus empty-handed. The Syrian government said "terrorists" killed the civilians to "bring international condemnation" before a UN meeting today in New York.

Poll of Arab World finds fear of US, Israel

BEIRUT — According to a recent poll, people in the Middle East trust their military, distrust local councils, and see Israel and the United States as the biggest threats to their security.

Bahrain: Protesters hold anti-government rally

It has been one year since Bahrain cracked down on anti-government demonstrations in the capital Manama with the help of the Saudis.

Syria aid expected to enter Baba Amr on Tuesday; regime directs shelling to new villages

BEIRUT — A Red Cross aid convoy was denied entry to Baba Amr again on Monday, but said it had received promises that it could enter the embattled district Tuesday. Activists expressed fears of ongoing government reprisals and dire humanitarian needs.

Yemen: army, militant clashes leave scores dead

Confrontations between the Yemeni army and Al Qaeda-linked militants have been on the rise since the beginning of protests last year that resulted in the ouster of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The new president has promised to crack down on Qaeda violence.

Syria: Bodies of slain journalists returned to embassy officials

BEIRUT — Syrian authorities turned over the corpses of Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik, two journalists killed by shelling in Homs on February 22. Reports continued to emerge of revenge killings and mass arrests as the Red Cross waits to enter Baba Amr.
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