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Yemen's president Saleh is out. But real change remains elusive.

SANAA — In the capital’s Change Square, voters proudly displayed blue-inked thumbs, and protesters — who have been camped out a year — celebrated the apparent end Saleh’s rule.

Prosecution in Mubarak trial calls for death penalty

BEIRUT — Mustafa Suleiman, the chief prosecutor in the trial of Egypt's former leader Hosni Mubarak, called for the death penalty for the deposed president and his five co-defendants.

Syrian troops and tanks head toward Homs: reports

BEIRUT — Three Syrian political figures were assassinated over the weekend as diplomatic tension flared between the West and Syria's allies.

Egypt: Trial date for pro-democracy activists set

The case against the activists has strained Egyptian and American relations, with senators warning about a withdrawal of American aid.

Hundreds of students arrested in Sudan

Police wielding batons entered the student housing early on Friday morning, beating and detaining hundreds of those who had remained in the dormitories waiting for classes to resume, one witness told Reuters.

Syria: the two faces of a divided country

DAMASCUS — The Syrian regime claims armed gangs are responsible for the current unrest rocking the country. Protesters say security and military forces have killed thousands calling for freedom and regime change. The international community looks on.

Syria steps up Homs shelling campaign after UN General Assembly vote (VIDEO)

BEIRUT — Syria intensified shelling and bombing of the embattled city of Homs early Friday, a day after a United Nations General Assembly vote called for Assad's ouster.

Anthony Shadid, New York Times journalist, dies on assignment in Syria

Anthony Shadid, a two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the New York Times, died Thursday in Syria aged 43.

Amnesty International criticizes Libya militias

BEIRUT — Amnesty International issued a report Thursday that sharply criticized Libyas militias. "Frequent armed clashes between different militia groups have caused death and injury among fighters and uninvolved bystanders," the rights group wrote.  

Libya's security depends on former rebels, for better or worse

TRIPOLI — Libya's civilian battalions, which defeated the national army of Muammar Gaddafi are fearless, tough and — most of all — heavily armed.
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