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Syria: Mass killings uncovered near Damascus

SAQBA, Syria — It was a scene of devastation. Whole sides of homes had caved in. Only a tank shell could have caused such damage. "They arrived Saturday and blew us away," said a local man.

Abu Musab al-Suri, Al Qaeda number 4, allegedly released from secret detention in Syria

BEIRUT — Abu Musab al-Suri was allegedly caught in Pakistan in 2005 and transferred to the CIA's black site program, moving to the US naval base at Diego Garcia island in the Indian Ocean before being turned over to Syrian authorities.

Syrian death toll from Monday at 100 as rebels take central town of Rastan

BEIRUT — The uprising in Syria progressed further on Tuesday as Syrian government troops cleared the eastern Damascus suburbs that were briefly controlled by rebel forces over the weekend, and Free Syrian Army-aligned groups claimed control of the central town of Rastan. Local groups called for a "day of mourning in anger" in response to the 100 reported deaths on Monday.

Western powers, Arab League push for urgent UN action on Syria

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said she would join the foreign ministers of France and Britain, Alain Juppé and William Hague, and the Arab League chief, Nabil al-Arabi, at the UN in New York today.

Syria: Rebels forced out of eastern Damascus suburbs

DAMASCUS — The Syrian army has retaken several districts east of Syria's capital Damascus following three days of battles with rebel groups over the weekend.

Russia invites Syrians, opposition to Moscow for talks

Moscow is hoping to find a way to end the crisis without a UN Security Council veto; leaked documents suggest the draft resolution calls for Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to hand over power within 15 days or face "additional measures."

US Embassy in Cairo sheltering NGO workers

The son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Sam LaHood, works at an NGO and was recently barred from boarding a flight from Egypt to the US. It is unclear whether he is one of those seeking shelter at the embassy.

Syrian state media: "Terrorists" bomb gas pipeline

Syrian flooded Al-Ghouta with 2,000 troops after parts of the Damascus outskirts were taken by Free Syrian Army troops over the weekend. Activists called it a "tactical withdrawal."

Syrian hackers take down Russian government sites

A message on the hacked sites called Russia "a partner and instigator of the Syrian regime in killing children, destructing the economy, demolishing homes and looting of wealth!"

Reports: Massacre in Syrian city of Homs

BEIRUT— Syrian activists reported a massacre in the city of Homs early Friday, the Associated Press reported. Varying accounts put the death count at over 30, which reportedly included a number of children.
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