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Libya: Bani Walid clashes spark rumor that Gaddafi forces are regrouping

BANI WALID — After reports that Gaddafi loyalists had retaken Bani Walid, former rebels in Tripoli, Misrata and elsewhere mobilized and were put on high alert.

Egypt: With new target, activists try again to occupy Tahrir Square

CAIRO — Several thousand, some camped-out in tents, remained in Tahrir Thursday, declaring an opened-ended Tahrir sit-in until the army cedes control.

Secretary LaHood's son on no-fly list in Egypt

The Egyptian government has been cracking down on nongovernmental organizations, and LaHood's group was one raided by authorities last month.

Egypt: Protesters converge on Tahrir Square on anniversary of revolution

On anniversary of Jan. 25 revolution, Egyptians take to the streets.

Egypt: Protests erupt on anniversary of revolution (LIVE BLOG)

CAIRO, Egypt — Continuous coverage as Egypt marks one year since the start of the revolution that led to the fall of former President Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt's military leader lifts emergency law

Egypt's emergency law, long a tool of government repression, may be lifted.
Egypt emergency law tantawi 2012 1 24Enlarge
A student fixes a banner that reads 'No, Emergency Law,' during a protest in Cairo on March 5, 2005. Egypt's military ruler, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, said in a speech on Jan. 24, 2012 that he would lift the decades-old emergency law, which has long been used to silence Egypt's opposition and justify crackdowns on the Egyptian population. (AFP/Getty Images)

CAIRO, Egypt — On the eve of the first anniversary of Egypt's uprising, defacto leader and head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, announced he would lift the country's decades-old, repressive "emergency law," but that many saw as a bid to temper rising political sentiment ahead of Wednesday's planned demonstrations.


Yemen air force mutinies, demands ouster of Saleh's brother

Worries grow that despite immunity deal, Yemen's president will return and assume an indirect position of power.

Egypt parliament opens to raucous 1st day

CAIRO — The parliament is now tasked with appointing an assembly to draft the country’s new constitution. But under a rocky, military-led transition, the body’s actual powers remain unclear.

Yemen's Saleh departs for medical treatment in the US

Outgoing president has tried to come to the US before, but hopes that new immunity law will ensure his exit from power may be behind the change of tune.

14 Syrian prisoners killed by roadside bombs

The clash wounded six police officers, and an ambulance sent to help also came under attack.
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