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One of King Croesus's lost treasures found in Germany

An ancient golden brooch that once belonged to King Croesus has been found in Germany, seven years after it was stolen from a museum in Turkey.

Archaeologists confirm Indian civilization is 2000 years older than previously believed

NEW DELHI — With debates about the true location of the cradle of civilization abounding, archaeologists have unearthed proof that ancient Indian civilizations go back much further than predicted.

Immense elk-shaped geoglyph found in Russia, resembling the Nazca Lines of Peru

A giant animal-shaped "geoglyph" (enormous drawing on the earth) has been found in Russia's Ural Mountains, in a scientific discovery made with the assistance of Google Earth satellite images.

Tomb of a Mayan warrior queen: GlobalPost interviews the discoverer of the final resting place of Lady K'abel

The tomb of a Classical Mayan queen has been discovered in Guatemala, in a remarkable find that sheds new light on the role of women in early Mesoamerican cultures. To find out more about the queen, known as Lady K'abel, and the findings at the El Peru-Waka archeological site, I spoke with the woman who discovered her tomb: Wooster University archaeologist and assistant professor of anthropology Olivia Navarro-Farr.

2,000 year old food found off Italian coast (VIDEO)

There's food you've left in the fridge too long - and then there's 2,000 year old victuals found in the sea off the coast of Genova, Italy.

Giant human sculpture discovered at Turkish archaeological site

Archaelogists have uncovered a remarkable megalith sculpture in Turkey, reported Science Daily on Monday: a enormous humanoid figure that bears a certain resemblance to the iconic stone heads of Easter Island.
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