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Watch Chinese artist Li Hongbo's mind-blowing take on classical sculpture

Li Hongbo builds whimsical, strange, and beautiful sculptures by layering several thousand paper sheets - individually gluing each one to the next - until the stack is large enough to start shaping. Then he shaves, chisels, sands, and cuts. He's made amorphous blobs that stretch and twist, a large log that turns into a massively long worm, and many more things that are awesome.

Cuban art opens up to the world

HAVANA — In a tree-shaded neighborhood that was once home to wealthy Cubans, a stately sea-green mansion with tall Roman columns hides a trove of artistic surprises. The Villa Manuela Gallery reveals the stunning vibrancy of Cuba’s contemporary art scene. In a country where people have struggled for decades with governmental restrictions on free expression, artists here exhibit a broader desire for a more open society.

Famous painting by Delacroix defaced by "unstable" woman in France

It's a French cultural travesty: the 1830 painting "Liberty Leading the People," which reportedly inspired New York City's French-made Statue of Liberty, was defaced on Thursday by an "unstable" 28-year-old woman.

The Brueghel Dynasty

TEL AVIV ― For anyone headed to Rome between Christmas and April, a lush, eye-opening exhibit of Brueghel awaits.

Overseas rich help Sotheby’s break sales record

Abstract expressionism is making a come back. Take that, Damien Hirst.

South African art heist: Police recover paintings stolen from Pretoria Art Museum

Sandra Janse van Rensburg, a police spokeswoman, said the paintings were found under a bench in the cemetery yard of a Dutch Reformed Church.

Must see: Air castles for adults (and kids too)

Alan Parkinson’s “luminaria” sculpt air and light into objects of startling beauty. 
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