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Jacob Zuma 'The Spear' painting removed in deal between ANC, Goodman Gallery

The ANC led thousands of its supporters in a march to the art gallery to protest the painting.

Jacob Zuma 'The Spear' painting case postponed indefinitely

Hundreds of Zuma supporters gathered outside the court today, some holding posters that read: "President Zuma has a right to human dignity and privacy."

'The Spear,' controversial Jacob Zuma painting, defaced in Jo'burg gallery (VIDEO)

The incident was caught on camera by a local TV crew, whose footage shows a middle-aged white man painting a red cross over Zuma's face and a younger black man smearing the rest of Zuma's body with black paint.

Italian museum burns works of art to protest budget cuts

Antonio Manfredi, the museum's director, set fire to the first painting on Tuesday. He said, "Our 1,000 artworks are headed for destruction anyway because of the government's indifference."

On Location Video: India's new art collectors

At India's largest modern and contemporary art fair, first time buyers are on the rise.

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