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US suspends planned food aid to North Korea

Under a deal signed in February, Pyongyang agreed to a partial halt in nuclear activities and a missile test moratorium in exchange for US food aid, which has been frozen since 2009.

Japan, China and South Korea in investment deal

Japan’s foreign ministry said the agreement – which has been discussed for almost a decade and under negotiation since 2007 – would “add momentum” to work towards a trade deal. 

China and Australia sign $31BN currency swap deal

The agreement will allow for US$31.2 billion worth of local currencies to be exchanged between both countries’ central banks over three years, lowering costs for businesses.

Judge quits UN-Cambodian Khmer Rouge tribunal

Laurent Kasper-Ansermet said Monday he was leaving because his Cambodian counterpart, You Bunleng, had repeatedly blocked efforts to bring two potential new cases to the tribunal.

Chinese farmer jailed for Forbidden City theft

The audacious theft, which Shi Baikui said he carried out on the “spur of the moment” last May, has highlighted lax security at the Forbidden City, an ancient imperial place in the heart of the capital.

McDonald's in Beijing sold expired food to customers

A McDonald's in China was suspended for selling expired food, including rotten cheese that had sat out for hours.
McDonald's french fries sit under a heat lamp at a McDonald's restaurant on April 19, 2011, in San Francisco, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
"All of the germs will die if you just fry the meat in oil."
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