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Isn't she pretty in pink: NASA discovers a new planet

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center recently discovered the existence of a new planet about 57 light years away from Earth. Known as GJ 504b, the planet is about the size of Jupiter—although several times its mass—and is the smallest planet ever to be directly imaged by a telescope. Not to mention it also happens to be colored a deep magenta, a sign of its relative planetary youth.

Meteor sighted on the US East Coast

A meteorite streaked across the US East Coast on Friday, dazzling observers and causing a major hubbub on social media networks as the sighting was reported.

"Super-earth" could potentially be habitable—and a mere 42 light years away

British researchers have found three previously-undetected planets orbiting the star HD 40307—and one of the newly discovered planet is a "super-earth" that could potentially contain water, reported the BBC.
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