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Bahrain: "Three days of rage" promised around F1 Grand Prix (UPDATE)

Already two members of the British-based Force India team have gone home over an incident involving a petrol bomb.

Protester on roof of Bahrain embassy threatens to jump

Moosa Satrawi, 30, said his actions were aimed at highlighting the plight of Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, a prominent dissident now in the third month of a hunger strike in Bahrain, and Hasan Mushaima, the head of a banned political party in the Gulf state who is suffering from cancer.

Formula One brings new focus to Bahrain protests

The Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain could be canceled due to continuing violence.
Formula one bahrain 2012 4 11Enlarge
A man in Bahrain walks past graffiti calling for the cancellation of the Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain later this month. The sign reads, "Are you racing on the blood of martyrs?" (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Since Bahrain's monarchy crushed a popular uprising last year, Bahraini activists have had a hard time getting the attention of the international community.

Now, it seems, they are getting a boost from an unlikely source — Formula One racing.

The FIA, the league that organizes Formula One, will meet this weekend in Shanghai to discuss whether or not they should cancel an upcoming Grand Prix race in Bahrain. Continuing violence in the country has sparked concerns for the safety of racers and fans.

The possible cancellation of the Formula One race has re-inserted Bahrain's unrest into the headlines. Yay sports!

Bahrain has been gripped by almost daily clashes between government security forces and protesters calling for a more democratic state. Large-scale protests in the spring of last year led to a nationwide crackdown. But smaller protests have persisted. A jailed activist who has been on a hunger strike now for more than two months has recently emboldened the protest movement, which seized on the Formula One race to draw attention to their cause — a strategy that appears to be working.


Bahrain: Protesters hold anti-government rally

It has been one year since Bahrain cracked down on anti-government demonstrations in the capital Manama with the help of the Saudis.

FIFA opens investigation after Bahrain's 10-0 win over Indonesia (VIDEO)

FIFA said that it was investigating an "unusual outcome" in Bahrain's 10-0 defeat over Indonesia in Manama after needing nine goals to qualify for the next round.

Anonymous hackers target Bahrain, US munitions manufacturer

In support of the Arab Spring revolutions, Anonymous strikes again.
Egyptian protesters point to the 'Made in USA' tag on a tear gas canister during clashes with riot police at Cairo's landmark Tahrir Square on November 20, 2011. Egyptian protesters streamed into the square after a night of deadly clashes that signalled the start of a violent countdown to the first polls since Hosni Mubarak's ouster. (Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images)

The infamous hacker collective Anonymous has affixed its digital crosshairs on Jamestown, Pennsylvania based chemical munitions manufacturer Combined Tactical Systems on the anniversary of Bahrain’s protest movement that began one year ago.

The twitter account @YourAnonNews, which has become the mouthpiece for alerting those outside of the IRCs (internet relay chat, simply an independent online chatroom) to Anon's various operations, announced that the company's website was being attacked. After the initial announcement, the account tweeted a series of statements calling attention to Bahrain's "forgotten" protest movement in conjunction with a destributed denial of service attack on Bahrain's official website

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The group also released a statement on, where they traditionally post what are essentially press releases for the general public. In this statement the collective dicussed the motivation behind the attack on Combined Tactical Systems and their continued support for Arab protesters. 

“From the streets of Oakland to Tahrir Square, to Palestine, Greece, Bahrain and Syria, your sinister instruments of torture and brutality have been used by the vile swine enforcers of the rich ruling classes to repress our revolutionary movements,” read the statement. 


Bahrain police fire tear gas on jailed activists on hunger strike

The riot police fired tear gas on the hunger strikers in one of the prison’s cells, according to the head of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR), Mohammed al-Maskati, the AFP reported.

Bahrain police on trial over death of detained blogger Zakariya Rashid Hassan al-Ashiri

The cause of Ashiri's death was originally given as complications resulting from sickle-cell anaemia, but photos of his body showed heavy bruises that suggested he had been beaten.

Bomb explosion outside British embassy in Bahrain

According to Bahrain's interior ministry, the blast came from a bus parked near the British embassy in the capital, Manama.

Bahrain: Fresh protests as report charges government with excessive force

Bahraini security forces used excessive force to clear demonstrations, made unlawful arrests and subjected detainees to "physical and psychological torture," said the head of a special panel set up to investigate the crackdown.
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