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Saudis wonder if the Americans have gone mad

First the US abandoned Mubarak, in the Saudis' eyes. Now, Yemen is staggering under popular revolt and the US is calling for the ouster of yet another friend, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Why the protest movement in Bahrain failed

MANAMA — Bahrain’s protest movement is in tatters. Many of its leaders and activists are imprisoned and its followers, most of them Shiite, subject to harsh repression.

Bahrain’s protest movement fades beneath government suppression

MANAMA — The Sunni-led government’s violent suppression of a once euphoric protest movement appears both pitiless and petty.

Bahrain mired in dangerous stalemate

MANAMA — Ten days after the government of this tiny island nation cracked down on protesters calling for political reform, Bahrain is a tense, unhappy country.

Opinion: US foreign policy is hamstrung in Persian Gulf

The tacit U.S. backing for the crackdowns in Bahrain and Yemen contradicts Washington's earlier support for “pro-democracy” movements in North Africa.

Bahrain detains leading opposition figures (UPDATES)

Meanwhile, Iran has recalled its ambassador from Bahrain to protest the use of Gulf troops to quell protests. 

Bahrain disperses demonstrators

For more than a month, street protesters drawn largely from Bahrain’s majority Shiite population have demanded political reforms from its minority Sunni government.

After Gates leaves, Saudi Arabia sends troops to Bahrain

In visit to Bahrain Saturday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told Bahrain’s king to speed up reforms and make meaningful concessions to the opposition.

Bahrain key in Sunni/Shia divide

Bahrain's pro-democracy protests by the Shia community are important because of the island's close ties to its huge neighbor, Saudi Arabia.
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