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GlobalPost's top 5 most shocking stories of 2011

True to the dictionary definition, GlobalPost's Top 5 Most Shocking Stories of 2011 offers intense takes on unexpected stories.

Adidas to launch $1 shoe in India

Adidas, the German sports apparel manufacturer, had previously considered selling a similarly priced shoe in Bangladesh. However, Hainer decided it was not profitable there.

In Bangladesh, some kind of justice

DHAKA — Although the tribunal has been criticized as falling far short of international standards, many Bangladeshis say they are hoping for a version of justice.

Inside Bangladesh’s organ bazaar

JOYPURHAT, Bangladesh — Five months after donating 60 percent of his liver, Mehdi Hasan says he is still waiting for the cash he was promised.

Bangladeshi woman cuts off penis of man she says tried to rape her, submits it as evidence

A case of she said, he said, and a severed penis

Hena Begum, Bangladeshi teen, dies after public lashings

A 14-year-old girl in Bangladesh, Hena Begum, died after allegedly being raped by her 40-year-old cousin and punished with a public lashing.
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