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Beijing airport bomber sentenced to 6 year jail term

A disabled man who set off a bomb in Beijing's international airport in July has been sentenced to six years in prison, as some in China expressed sympathy for his stated protest against police brutality.

Beijing police warn women to cover up if they don't want to be groped

To thwart voyeurs, female passengers should stop sitting on the upper levels of buses, and "shelter their bodies with bags, magazines and newspapers."

Beijing firm that guarantees 3 billion Yuan worth of loans is on the verge of collapse

When investors talk of a Chinese hard-landing they're referring to either four consecutive quarters of below 5 percent GDP growth, or, as China expert Patrick Chovanec points out a financial crisis. And as loan guarantee company Zhongdan Investment Credit Guarantee Co. that has over 3 billion yuan in loan guarantee contracts stands on the brink of bankruptcy according to Caixin Online, concerns about a financial crisis are beginning to surface too.

On Location Video: China's Western culture crackdown

Ni Yulan, disabled Chinese activist, put on trial in Beijing

Ni Yulan, 51, appeared in court lying on a bed and breathing through an oxygen machine, according to her daughter, Dong Xuan, who testified at the hearing.

Beijingers battle pollution

BEIJING — China doesn’t measure the same fine particulate as international standards, so its own pollution assessments are far rosier than what’s actually happening.

On Location Video: China's Small Business Woes

Small business owners in Beijing say they can't make ends meet.

Powerland Beijing: From Fries to Fuel

Beijing — When Lu Xirou goes to a Chinese restaurant, he’s not thinking about food. The Beijing biofuel executive thinks of gas stations, and climate change.

“China produces 3 million tons of waste cooking oil a year,” Xirou said over a recent meal. “This can be recycled into 3.5 million dons of bio-diesel. This can reduce Carbon dioxide emissions by 7 million tons. That’s a huge number.”

On Location: Beijing Classical Music

BEIJING — As Western music students lose interest in classical music, Chinese musicians dream of taking their place.

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