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Europe’s last dictator, in his own words

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko shocked and amused the world last week when he just had to spin a taller fish tale than his old nemesis and Russia’s head honcho, Vladimir Putin. But boasts of a 125-pound catfish are not the strangest thing to come out of the buffoonish leader’s mouth — not by a long shot.

Belarus holds elections despite opposition's calls for a boycott

Belarus opened the polls for its parliamentary election on Sunday, despite calls for a boycott from the country's two main opposition parties.

EU condemns Belarus for execution of alleged Minsk subway bombers

The two men executed "were not accorded due process, including the right to defend themselves," according to the EU's head of foreign policy, Catherine Ashton.

Belarus "clapping" protest broken up by police

“The USSR has come back,’’ Tatyana Segalskaya, a 30-year-old demonstrator, told the Associated Press. “It is dictatorship in the middle of Europe. People are detained for nothing. The worse the economic concerns are, the tougher repressions become.’’

Belarusians organize flash mob protests

The protests are being organized anonymously through social networking sites like Facebook.

Russia halves its electricity exports to Belarus over $54 million debt

The electricity provided by the Russian electricity exporter represents 12 percent of Belarus’s electricity needs.

Belarus moves into uncharted territory

VITEBSK, Belarus — A current of anxiety marred a sunny Sunday in this sleepy city.

Belarus faces an economic precipice

MINSK — Across this former Soviet republic of 10 million, the mood is of panic and quiet desperation.

On Location: Minsk — Crackdown in Belarus

Video: Andrei Sannikov and the high price of speaking out in Belarus, Europe's last dictatorship.

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