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Accelerate: The Fast Train

China expands its high-speed rail network

Accelerate: Electric safari

Quiet, clean, and powerful enough to escape a charging elephant, Land Rover is set to release the next generation in safari vehicles.

Accelerate: Green Streets

Japanese manufacturer Toyota says zero emission vehicles must be one among many environmentally friendly options for consumers.

Accelerate: Smooth Sailing

The ship is called the Turanor, a word meaning "power of the sun" as derived from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings saga.

Accelerate: Four sheets to the wind

Japanese scientists say it's only a matter of time before all cargo vessels start using sails again.

Accelerate: Space Pace

An international consortium of scientists and investors hope to bring space travel down to earth.

Accelerate: Power Swap

The company Better Place is launching a pilot project in San Francisco to introduce Americans to its battery swapping system for electric cars.

Accelerate: Jeep 2.0

A Manila company transforms the country's iconic Jeepneys into electric vehicles and hopes to modernize the city's public transportation system in the process.

Accelerate: Solar Flare

Designers of the Solar Impulse say sun-powered passenger planes are still a ways off, but the technology their honing could bring dramatic energy savings on the ground.

Accelerate: Breaking Bottlenecks

Researchers in one of the world's fastest growing cities, Brisbane, Australia, research ways to ease traffic congestion through technology.

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