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World Markets Around the World Are Getting Smoked – Dow Falls Below 15,000

Markets across Europe just closed at their lowest levels of the day.  The London FTSE 100 fell 2.1 percent, the French CAC 40 fell 1.9, the German DAX lost 1.2%, the Spanish IBEX 35  retreated 0.9% and the Italian FTSE MIB fell 1.0%.

Some unexpected positive news for euro zone and some expected negative news, as well, today.

The OECD has broken ranks with the IMF and the European Commission and predicted that the euro zone economy will avoid recession and grow a fraction this year, reports the FT.


Europe: Thanksgiving? por nada

Euro zone crisis enters new phase as bond markets turn on Germany.
Merkel 3Enlarge
Chancellor Merkel is constantly under the spotlight but now the glare is growing brighter as the bond markets are beginning to attack Germany. Will this force the Chancellor and her colleagues to change their policy on allowing the European Central Bank to be more proactive in solving the euro zone debt crisis? (HANNIBAL HANSCHKE/AFP/Getty Images)
Thanksgiving in Europe has a hollow ring as the economic crisis inside and outside the euro zone bites
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