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Boston Marathon bombings: a Pakistani perspective

Commentary: American values live; Pakistan gives impunity to criminals.
Boston bombing copley square 2013 04 26Enlarge
A makeshift memorial in Copley Square, near the site of one of the Boston Marathon bombings, on April 24, 2013. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Historic Copley Square is one of my favorite places in my adopted city of Boston. This is where, last month, we held a vigil against Shia killings in Pakistan. This is where runners at the Annual Patriots’ Day Marathon cross the finish line at Boylston Street past the majestic public library. And this is where, on April 15, two bombs exploded, disrupting the idyllic scene of the marathon on a crisp, sunny Monday afternoon.

Boston bombing suspects planned to attack Times Square

Tsarnaev initially told authorities they planned to go to New York to party after the Boston attack, but following further questioning, he admitted they had discussed a second bombing, this time in Times Square.

Marathon bombing madness: Is this the new normal?

BUZZARDS BAY — The president has come and gone, delivering words of healing. Neil Diamond and James Taylor made cameo appearances, and, most importantly, the Red Sox won their first post-Marathon game at Fenway. Traffic once again flows down Boylston Street, and businesses are reopening, one by one. But as Boston slowly and painfully returns to “the new normal,” reality is starting to set in.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev not armed when arrested, officials say

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was not armed when he was arrested last week, despite reports of a gunbattle with police.

CIA wanted Boston bombing suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, on terrorist watch list

The CIA requested that Tamerlan Tsarnaev's name be put on a database maintained by the National Counterterrorism Center after a tip from the Russians.

Boston bombers bought firework mortar kits before attack

Boston bombing suspect possibly used fireworks to make deadly bombs.

Joe Biden blasts Tsarnaev brothers as 'knock-off jihadis' (VIDEO)

Never one to mince words, Joe Biden blasted the Boston bombers as "knock-off jihadis" today.

Boston bombing revives debate over online extremism

BOSTON — We all know the Anarchist Cookbook is the go-to culprit when a lone, homegrown terrorist emerges to wreak havoc on civilian populations. And it’s true that would-be bombers can easily glean explosive-making skills from readily available sources both in books and on the Internet. But that’s not all the Internet provides for the radicalized or even pre-radicalized individual.

Russia’s North Caucasus militants: a primer

  The North Caucasus insurgency, whose possible links with last week’s Boston Marathon bombing suspects are still being investigated, is the product of a 19-year sequence of miscalculations by the Russian leadership in its increasingly desperate efforts to retain control of the North Caucasus.

A Bostonian's reflection on the marathon bombings (VIDEO)

GlobalPost Executive Editor and Co-Founder Charlie Sennott reflects on what it was like to cover a bombing in his home city.


BOSTON — A moment of silence stopped Boston Monday at precisely 2:50 pm to remember the horrific events that unfolded one week ago when two bombs ripped through a crowd at the finish line of the Marathon and tore the heart of the city, killing three young people and wounding more than 175.

The pause to reflect on an intense and emotional aftermath of the bombing was also in honor of the security officer killed in the shootout that occurred amid the manhunt for the two brothers, whom police say carried out the attacks.

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