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Shrine in Nepal reveals archaeological evidence of the founding of Buddhism

Researchers think they've found the oldest Buddhist shrine in the world at Nepla's Lumbini pilgramage center, dating back to 550 B.C — a revelation that could push the accepted birthdate of the Buddha back by a century.

Indonesian Buddhist temple bombed over 'screams of the Rohingyas'

A small explosion rocked a Buddhist temple in the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta late on Sunday, injuring one person and causing mild damage to the facility in an apparant effort to draw attention to the plight of Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim population.

Female Dalai Lama could be a possibility

Tibetan Buddhism's supreme leader, the Dalai Lama, reiterated Thusday in Australia that he believed a female Dalai Lama was entirely possible, although all previous holders of the title have been male.

Sexual abuse allegations give pause to US Buddhist community

A 105-year-old Zen master is a recent, high-profile example of a long-suppressed problem.
Buddhist temple Los AngelesEnlarge
A Buddhist temple in Los Angeles, California. An estimated 40 percent of all American Buddhists live in Southern California. (David McNew/AFP/Getty Images)

Los Angeles-based Zen master Joshu Sasaki, now 105 years old, allegedly "groped and sexually harassed female students for decades, taking advantage of their loyalty to a famously charismatic roshi, or master," reported the New York Times on Monday.


Religious revolution: Buddhist and Hindu Congress members make history

The United States didn't elect its first Mormon president on Tuesday, but it did vote its first Buddhist into the Senate, and its first Hindu into Congress.Hawaiian Democrat and Japanese Buddhist Mazie Hirono was elevated from the House of Representatives to the Senate on Tuesday, beating Republican opponent Linda Lingle.

Buddhist monks come out against Rohingya, Myanmar's beleaguered Muslim minority group

Buddhist monks in Myanmar have come out in droves to support President Thein Sein's proposal to deport all members of the Muslim Rohingya minority group from the country, in the wake of a summer of sectarian violence that has left 90 dead in Rakhine state.

Photos: Tibetans in Sichuan

Though not part of China's officially designated Tibet Autonomous Region, Sichuan is an ethnically Tibetan part of the country. Most of the nearly two dozens Tibetan monks and nuns who have self-immolated since February 2009 were located in Sichuan.

Database of Tibetan self-immolations

Most are men, and many are young. All of them are Tibetan.

Tibet: Timeline of troubles

Experts say the current wave of unrest reverberating across the Tibetan plateau stems directly from China’s tightening of controls following the 2008 riots.

Tibet: Does China care what other countries have to say?

BEIJING — Global outcry over self-immolations in Tibet appears more subdued than the world's rage over the 2008 crackdown in Lhasa.
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